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Jnsun Tech.

Your Problem, Our Mission. It’s our belief.
We focus on Cyber-security management services and the professional, innovative and integrated services are our team core value.
Jnsun founded in Feb-2013 and start from the cyber-security SIEM field. So, We can really understand the importance of internal issues. That’s also the situation that the customer really needs to care about.
Our services cover all areas of Taiwan and office locations include Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. We not only provide services and help our customer look forward to the future development trend, and plan the optimal “Information & Cyber-security management” and “IT operation integration plan” to enhance the enterprise competitiveness.

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Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise Software Defined Networking™ (SES)

Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise Software Defined Networking™ (SES) is a state-of-the-art network management and security solution. It provides what enterprises consistently tell us they need: reduced network management costs, increased security and an improved end-user experience.
Most organizations utilize an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to defend their network from attacks. However, an IPS can introduce latency and bottlenecks, and most IDS can only warn if a threat has been found; they cannot act to block the offending traffic. By the time the operator reacts to the warning, it may be too late. It is then capable of automatically quarantining the suspect device and applying remediation so that it can re-join the network with a minimum of network disruption and without manual intervention. Responses are configurable and comprehensive logging provides a clear audit trail of the actions taken. This is a truly innovative feature that helps organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to services.
Most IPS solutions are only capable of blocking suspicious traffic as it passes through the IPS device. Since this tends to be near the gateway to the Internet, only external threats can be detected and blocked (this is the traditional “secure border” model). However, SES can isolate traffic anywhere in the network, so it can prevent threats not only on the border, but threats inside the network too through USB drives, BYOD, etc. This makes SES an innovative security solution that can monitor traffic entering and traversing the local network without introducing latency or bottlenecks.
SES is the first commercial SDN solution for wireless networks that offers programmability and control inside the network where it is most vulnerable. Allied Telesis wireless access points are OpenFlow capable and can be controlled by the SES controller to provide a dynamic wireless network that offers end-users a better experience. New policies and security updates can be easily implemented from the centralized controller to all access points in seconds, to dramatically cut the time required for network and security management, with a corresponding reduction in operating costs.
SES interoperates with networks containing compatible OpenFlow switches, and a range of physical and virtual firewall products. There is no need for a forklift upgrade of the network to take advantage of the benefits of SES – it can interoperate with a wide range of existing equipment.
SES also integrates with Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF), which is a powerful network management and automation tool that also delivers cost and time savings. When used with AMF, SES no longer relies on the OpenFlow protocol to communicate with the network devices. Instead it can use AMF to deliver instructions to conventional network devices. Therefore, this provides all the benefits of an SDN solution without the need for OpenFlow. This lowers the risk and cost for enterprises to adopt SDN solutions since their existing network can remain unchanged.

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Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise SDN /Network Switch / Hybrid Wi-Fi (Deploy and operate multi- and single-channel wireless APs simultaneously for optimized Wi-Fi performance)

  • SDN and the changing face of Enterprise networks

    White Papers introduction: The office data networks of the 1990s were unsophisticated. PCs and servers shared lengths of coaxial cable, or chains of hubs and repeaters. However, with the standardization onto IP over Ethernet, the industry has moved forward rapidly. Since 2000, with the transport layer and network layer battles out of the way, the business of adding capability, reliability and performance to Enterprise networks has progressed in earnest. Today, enterprise networks are rich with complexity and capability. Voice and video have converged with data onto a single IP over-Ethernet infrastructure. Wireless Ethernet connectivity has become ubiquitous. High levels of security, reliability and manageability are now a basic expectation.

Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise SDN

When an enterprise data center allocates resources based on a business or application, the enterprise manages the devices and access rights of each employee. Although data centers have access restrictions, in the enterprise, employees and visitors are moving around using smart phones. When employees use the Internet, we don't know when they are infected with malware and viruses. In other words, it is more difficult for companies to provide and manage security. Allied Telesis SES uses SDN (OpenFlow) to coordinate each application and control the network to solve these problems.

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