MAR. 19 - 21

Taipei International Convention Center
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Exhibition Information


Explore a theme-oriented cyber security expo with a large-scale and diverse demonstration


March 19 to 21, 2019


Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Themes and Sectors


Flagship Pavilion: TICC 1F
Exhibition Hall: TICC 1F
Exhibition Gallery: TICC 1F & 2F
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Cyber Taiwan Pavilion


Free Attendance

The largest cyber security exhibition in Taiwan, featuring more than 180 exhibitors


Gathering more than 180 cyber security exhibitors, presenting the latest solution for cyber security

The All-New "Flagship Pavilion"

The flagship pavilion is located on the first floor of Taipei International Convention Center. The exhibitors from Taiwan and abroad may present their products and provide their service with a spacious booth design.

Flagship Pavilion Brands

Brand-New Plans for the "Exhibition Hall" and "Exhibition Gallery"

Across the first and second floors of Taipei International Convention Center and the second floor of the World Trade Center, more than 180 well-known international and local brands will showcase the latest, most popular products and services for cyber security nowadays. Learn about all the most cutting-edge measures and tools.

Exclusive "Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape" Themed Guide -- Explore the exhibition more efficiently by using the map

After arriving at the venue, please be sure to request the "Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape: CYBERSEC 2019 Edition" exclusively designed for this exhibition. Use the directory to plan your visit and find the cyber security products you desire efficiently.

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Multi-layer Anti-DDoS Service

TWM’s Multi-layer Anti-DDoS Service is constructed on TWM backbone network. It can block massive DDoS attack data packets. Enterprise clients can deploy DDoS defense without changing their network infrastructures. The service can detect and defense different types of DDoS attacks from layer 3 to layer 7 24x7.

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Built on leading Nessus security technology, and are market-leading Cyber Exposure Platform, which gives you a comprehensive picture of your network and IT assets. You get real-time, continuous assessment of your security and compliance posture so you can discover unknown assets and vulnerabilities, monitor unexpected network changes and prioritize weaknesses to minimize your cyber risk and prevent breaches. It is the only solution that brings together discovery of on premises and cloud-based assets, active and passive vulnerability assessment, configuration auditing, change detection, malware detection, threat intelligence and analysis of network and user activity.

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Earn Money

  • Personal Privacy Info
  • Trade Secret、Intellectual Property
  • BTC / ETC
  • Online Game Points / Items

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Radware Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Cloud DDoS Protection Service offering Radware’s industry leading DDoS protection services including Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service integrated with a fully-managed on-premise DDoS protection device, an Always on Cloud DDoS Protection Service where all the traffic is routed through Radware’s cloud centers, and an On-Demand Cloud DDoS Protection Service where traffic is diverted to Radware’s cloud centers only when an attack is detected.

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F-Secure Business Suite

Scalable on-site business security for organizations of all sizes 
Designed to simplify the demanding security needs of today's organizations

F-Secure Business Suite is an on-site business security solution that offers the best continuous protection for your organization by combining the best of accumulated expertise, advanced technologies, and modern, cutting-edge features with full on-site control. It is a full protection bundle designed to cover the demanding business security needs from gateway to endpoint.

  • Layered protection to protect your assets from gateway to endpoint
  • Best protection levels covering both known vulnerabilities and new, emerging threats
  • Advanced management features to allow you full control of your organization's IT security
  • Less work through automation of daily tasks
  • Less hassle with a scalable all-in-one package with flexible and transparent licensing for organizations of all sizes

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Thales PayShield 9000 HSM

Designed specifically for payment applications, payShield 9000 from Thales eSecurity is a proven HSM that performs such tasks as PIN protection and validation, transaction processing, mobile and payment card issuance, and key management. The payShield 9000 payment HSM security solution delivers high assurance protection for automated teller machine (ATM) and point of sale (POS) credit and debit card transactions.

  • Cryptographic Algorithms Supported, including Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Hashing.
  • Certifications:FIPS 140-2 level 3, PCI HSM V1 (selected configurations only), APCA, MEPS
  • Key Management Support:including Thales Key Block, RSA Public Key, Master/Session Key Scheme, Racal Transaction Key Scheme, AS2805, etc.

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Magnet Axiom

AXIOM is the only platform that captures and analyzes smartphone, computer, cloud, IoT, and third-party image data, in a single case file — ensuring that no evidence is missed. AXIOM simplifies investigations by surfacing the most relevant evidence into user-friendly artifacts.

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Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise Software Defined Networking™ (SES)

Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise Software Defined Networking™ (SES) is a state-of-the-art network management and security solution. It provides what enterprises consistently tell us they need: reduced network management costs, increased security and an improved end-user experience.
Most organizations utilize an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to defend their network from attacks. However, an IPS can introduce latency and bottlenecks, and most IDS can only warn if a threat has been found; they cannot act to block the offending traffic. By the time the operator reacts to the warning, it may be too late. It is then capable of automatically quarantining the suspect device and applying remediation so that it can re-join the network with a minimum of network disruption and without manual intervention. Responses are configurable and comprehensive logging provides a clear audit trail of the actions taken. This is a truly innovative feature that helps organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to services.
Most IPS solutions are only capable of blocking suspicious traffic as it passes through the IPS device. Since this tends to be near the gateway to the Internet, only external threats can be detected and blocked (this is the traditional “secure border” model). However, SES can isolate traffic anywhere in the network, so it can prevent threats not only on the border, but threats inside the network too through USB drives, BYOD, etc. This makes SES an innovative security solution that can monitor traffic entering and traversing the local network without introducing latency or bottlenecks.
SES is the first commercial SDN solution for wireless networks that offers programmability and control inside the network where it is most vulnerable. Allied Telesis wireless access points are OpenFlow capable and can be controlled by the SES controller to provide a dynamic wireless network that offers end-users a better experience. New policies and security updates can be easily implemented from the centralized controller to all access points in seconds, to dramatically cut the time required for network and security management, with a corresponding reduction in operating costs.
SES interoperates with networks containing compatible OpenFlow switches, and a range of physical and virtual firewall products. There is no need for a forklift upgrade of the network to take advantage of the benefits of SES – it can interoperate with a wide range of existing equipment.
SES also integrates with Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF), which is a powerful network management and automation tool that also delivers cost and time savings. When used with AMF, SES no longer relies on the OpenFlow protocol to communicate with the network devices. Instead it can use AMF to deliver instructions to conventional network devices. Therefore, this provides all the benefits of an SDN solution without the need for OpenFlow. This lowers the risk and cost for enterprises to adopt SDN solutions since their existing network can remain unchanged.

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Drop your breaches with an analytics-driven SIEM solution.

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